Hi! My name is Jim McStanton. Currently I am a Software Engineer 2 at Garmin working on the team that manages the internal cloud platform for running core infrastructure services. Responsibilities range from platform and application deployment automation to building new infrastructure services to support other teams at Garmin.

Previously I was employed as an Associate Senior Software Engineer at Cerner where I worked in the Big Data space of the Population Health organization. The teams I’ve been on build tools to ingest and transform large amounts of data and REST services that allow teams and clients to inspect their ingested data.

My academic background is Computer Engineering at the University of Kansas. There I became interested in processor architecture, functional programming, and embedded systems. In addition to my course work I also worked in the KU functional programming group under Dr. Andy Gill.

In addition to functional programming, software, and computer engineering, I also like to spend time with my dogs, baking, brewing beer, music, board/table top games, and video games.

If you’re looking for a way to contact me, or for my resume, head over to Contact