2020 Goals V2

Posted on May 4, 2020

My last post waaay back in January outlined some lofty goals for the year. The goals were generated from the desire to do some general personal betterment, and the loftiness came partially from 2019 being a year of being on hold for my family due to major health events. Shortly after posting those I decided that some other / better personal goals would involve catching up on other things for mental health’s sake. I will likely still try to accomplish some of those, and will be leaving those up unedited, but no longer plan on holding myself strictly to completing the list.

Here are some other things I’ve decided to do for the year:

Play the Dark Souls Series

I’ve played huge chunks of Dark Souls 1 during school, but never finished it (my wife, Melanie, finds it ridiculous how often I started and never finished this). I decided to play through this with some friends this year.

Dark Souls
Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 3

General Game Backlog

In the last few years I’ve amassed a huge game backlog. Seems like a good time to catch up on some of this. I’d really like to get back to playing games socially and couch co-oping some with Melanie.

Play More Boardgames

There are a ton of games to catch up on, and its been some time since I’ve played many. Table Top Simulator is great for doing this remotely with friends.

Watch Some Anime

I haven’t watch anime for a few seasons, and its time to check out some more.

Whatever Else

My initial plans for the year were about bettering myself technically, professionally, and civically, and I still plan on doing that. What was missed when planning was just doing some recreational things for myself, and I plan on spending some extra time taking care of myself.