Hands of Time Solver

Posted on July 22, 2018

The Hands of Time Solver is a tool to solve the frequent Hands of Time puzzles in the game Final Fantasy XIII-2. Checkout this video for a quick look at how the puzzles work. This was written while doing my undergrad at KU.

This was made both as a favor to my wife to help her get past her least favorite parts of the game and as a good excuse to learn Haskell library diagrams and the Haskell web framework scotty. The diagrams library is an eDSL to create graphical images easily in Haskell using all its nice built in features. scotty is a framework aimed at simplicity that is similar to the ruby framework sinatra.

When the game prompts the player with a clock that looks like this:

the user can fill in the form to get a solution in this format: