Rudder: The Concourse CI Pipeline DSL

Posted on August 1, 2019

Announcing Rudder, a domain specific language for building Concourse CI pipelines in Ruby.


At work we use Concourse for automating infrastructure and platform operations. The building blocks lead to clear workflows and are easily extendable. The only complaint that I have with it is the lack of abstraction. Many of our pipelines define the same resources, tasks, or, in some cases, entire pipeline segments. This is a limitation in defining pipelines in single yaml files - the only ‘code’ reuse are yaml anchors, which have many shortcomings and can’t be reused in other files. We have done some templating, but that is mostly helpful for code reuse in a single file.

That’s where rudder comes in. rudder allows users to define Concourse pipelines using the full power of the host langage, ruby. The main primitives Concourse exposes match the concourse primitives, along with the powerful entrypoint Pipeline that can import any rudder primitive or pipeline to include in its own definition.


The first version of rudder was published today to rubygems. I’d love to receive some feedback from other Concourse users and Ruby developers.