Announcing hakyll-typescript

Posted on September 29, 2019

Today I’m announcing version of hakyll-typescript. hakyll-typescript is a small utility library for hakyll projects to support compilation of typescript source files and minification of javascript source or generated files.


Like many other hakyll related projects, the goal with hakyll-typescript is to be able to just drop the compiler into your site rules:

import Hakyll.Typescript.TS

main = hakyll (do
  -- Matches any file inside the directory ./scripts
  match "scripts/**" (do
    route   (setExtension "js")
    -- compiles all typescript and javascript to the js target
    -- then compresses the result
    compile compressJtsCompiler))

Check out the docs for other exported compilers.

Auxiliary Uses

Using the *jts* family of typescript compilers, modern javascript features that are supported by the typescript compiler but not necessarily hjsmin can be used. This works by compiling your source, whether typescript or just javascript, to an older version of ecmascript that hjsmin already supports.